Sunday, January 22, 2012

Destruct -

Destruct -a poem

Image changed from blink to blink
The deeper the water the deeper the sink
I am lost among the actors
At times I just resent it
she is so cemented
I am lost among the factors

This is the old place why can't I leave
I paid to much for rent house with no trees
I found a place to belong
It would require a move
Speak softly and soothe
I found I have been wrong

When I destruct and reform
I will be where you are
When the dark gets warm
I will follow your star

Have I been standin in the wrong place
Is this the life I choose to waste
My search my just end
I relapse when I am deserted witness
Elevated in a state of defenseless
the letters I send

that image of me is withdrawn
forge myself into a pawn
work this kindred out
then we jump back til dawn
breathe sunday morning and all day long
end all my doubts

If I let you deconstruct me
Will you create me into what you need
If I am lucky
in you I will believe
- fin

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