Sunday, January 22, 2012

Destruct -

Destruct -a poem

Image changed from blink to blink
The deeper the water the deeper the sink
I am lost among the actors
At times I just resent it
she is so cemented
I am lost among the factors

This is the old place why can't I leave
I paid to much for rent house with no trees
I found a place to belong
It would require a move
Speak softly and soothe
I found I have been wrong

When I destruct and reform
I will be where you are
When the dark gets warm
I will follow your star

Have I been standin in the wrong place
Is this the life I choose to waste
My search my just end
I relapse when I am deserted witness
Elevated in a state of defenseless
the letters I send

that image of me is withdrawn
forge myself into a pawn
work this kindred out
then we jump back til dawn
breathe sunday morning and all day long
end all my doubts

If I let you deconstruct me
Will you create me into what you need
If I am lucky
in you I will believe
- fin

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Between SHE & HE A poem story

between HE & SHE

SHE: U hurt me
HE: I never meant 2
SHE: it hurts even now
HE: Will u ever forgive the boy I was and see the man I am
SHE: U hurt me

wore your hair longer then
your eyes wanted to smile
with wounded heart
to mend what is torn apart
words lost in the wind
always loved your style
my sunshine in the dark
this place they call a heart
I could say a million words
I see you are afraid
the word won't come out
I feel the doubt
wanna play in your hair right now
I will tell them all tonight
I made a mistake
redirect my faith
I won't hide we will be seen
inside out all in-between

SHE: I have so many questions
HE: I have no answers
SHE: where do we go from here
HE: forward
SHE: that doesn't work for me
HE: I can only change from here on
SHE: what about the hurt in me

seeds become flowers
overtime with some showers
grapes become wine
all the things in time
I have grown into the man you needed me to be
why can't u see me?
past time pains
so much strain
I will take blows for you
I wanna show you the boy is now a man all alone
look at the man standing before U
look at a man who adores U
if u must yell then do so everyday
if u must express the pain then do it
if that will mend your wounds
start yelling soon
just share the pain with me

SHE: so u wanna heal the wound u caused
HE: I just wanna grow with u
SHE: do u know me now?
HE: I'd like to
SHE: u shouldn't have hurt me
HE: losing u made me grow
SHE: so my pain was cause for change?
HE: for u to be happy I needed to be a man
then she smiled
SHE : the book is open
HE: would u like to learn more ...hope or hopeless?
SHE: I am bitter
HE: about the past?
SHE: I want you to fight for me
HE: why would I even bother u now?
SHE: I wonder that too
HE: why should I fight for what belongs to me?
SHE: I need to know you will take hurt from me

the words in the song
change from verse to verse
no melody no chorus
just words of meaning
the verse was too long
tonight it hurts
I wrote it of course for U
U found it while cleaning
U missed the second song
the one that had the bridge
the one that confessed my love
the one that my heart wrote
the first one was all wrong
not the best that I admit
how do I ask for a hug?
I missed a few pen strokes

SHE: U will never change
HE: U look for the wrong in me
SHE: U make it easy to find
HE: Y can U not remember the happy times
SHE: the hurt came later

Moving on
the longest walk is walking away
things will never be
what we were that day
face life.
remember u were afraid to hold my hand
I had saved you before
I would gladly give you my life now
if it meant you live another night would that be enough?
Is it too late?
don't leave me cold for goodness sake
I am broken you are the glue to put me back together
I am hoping U hold me tight and let us bond forever

She went her own way
I said nothing else
I wanted to ask for the piece of me she was taking
but she needed it to heal perhaps
she would return it and stay next time.

Written by Simon Stone
Edited by Kristi Trimmer

Monday, September 26, 2011

I submit

the winter rain
we danced to the soft rain drops
in sync with the swaying trees
urban landscape gave us a purpose
Amidst the a sinner pain
You christen me movement never stop
U whisper let us be free
Every thrust is worth it
Angel sang a song with notes so clear
hold me close hold me near

I Admit U
make me
I submit U
take me
I admit U
I need U
I submit
Believe in U

I watched U perform with silky power
Your words had me so captivated
I listened as your voice resurrected my spirit
I wanted to join you in motion
sound of your voice had me lost for hours
idea of touching you lord knows I have waited
I wonder can you can you hear my mental lyrics
“I dream of the taste of your ocean”
I touch your skin without fear
hold me close hold me near

I Admit U
make me
I submit U
take me
I admit U
I need U
I submit
Believe in U


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fingers Triggers

Fingers Triggers

Fingers Triggers started as a song called “When Will They Shoot?” The lyrics are basically the same though edited down with some of the preaching removed. The beat was originally a sample of Miles Davis ‘Run The Vodoo Down’ and 2 drum loops. My partner in crime Mr Jonzon HATED the drum loops with a passion. Rather than a drum loop, he programmed some drums. I took out the Miles Davis and added some future key sounds. A loop ( I will never tell where the loop came from) brought it all together. The hook was supposed to be a Heavy Mojo song but never was recorded. I let Will super dope video director hear the song and he had some ideas and well, here you have ‘Fingers Triggers’

I watched him die slow cause the po po don’t show

When a 44 blow off in the ghetto

Dirty deeds cause dudes to squeeze and let go

Mama on her knees screaming please lord no

He used act hard in his mama yard

Off boulevard showing bullet scars off to boards

Coast in stolen cars boast of broken laws

Blows leave foes with swollen jaws

Promise mama change change never came

Expelled bullets shell removed the remains of his brain

Family in mourning early Sunday morning

Pastor in the pulpit who answers for this bull ****

Fingers Triggers hand guns

See the world turning and it don’t stop

Gum getting to burning then come plots

Words got exchanged heard they pop thangs

Hole in your soul and a drop top (mu) stang

Taped off crime scenes paid off cop schemes

Earth angels give birth with dirty wings

Dudes get tattoos they hate he passed on

We all boo hoo that blues don’t last long

Friends talk revenge say the payback that strong

A man pulls chrome over land he don’t own

Throw the pain elders remain to pray and stay strong

At the church house yapping about come on home

Fingers Triggers hand guns

Like the beat to the drum in the streets they come

Dum dums look to cook beef that’s never done

To prove where they from cats pull gats from fun

Another mother shutters at the cost of a lost son

They laughing bullets travelling like a javelin

Thru the sky oh my (where my money) not again

Little old lady in the kitchen cooking chicken

Nine started clicking shells started hitting

Fell to her side can’t revive her vitals

In cross fire 2 rivals strive for titles

Thou shall not worship false idols

Like jesus to judas it’s a vicious cycle

Fingers Triggers hand guns

Written by S Stone, L Tanner, E Johnson, H Perry

Sunday, March 27, 2011


  • Letters

words to her are empty

no point in wasting time on a poem

actions go so far

I request her favorite song

her perfume still lingers

no matter how long she's gone

remember in the mornings

love from her was so strong

how does one say I miss you?

How does one say I need you?

How does one say when i kiss you

I believe in heaven like I believe in you?

I have used all the ink from these pins

All I have is this paper to tell her

will the ink wash away my sins?

will she even read my letters ?

she never listens to lyrics

she will only hear the music

I write for her regardless

sometimes I feel useless

melody in the right key

depending on what the mood is

maybe we can dance at midnight

hope this is not fruitless

how does a man say I regret things?

how does a man say I need to change?

If I presented you a ring

If I offered my last name

I have used all the ink from these pins

All I have is this paper to tell her

will the ink wash away my sins?

will she even read my letters ?

-Stone (2010 trypnosis music BMI)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

She may never know at all

the letter is sealed

open mind drifts

closed door and I lost my keys

the water builds

my eyes can't hold on

a tear leaves

she may never hear the song

she may never learn the words

She may never know at all

The stamp got smeared

perhaps the address as well

my eyes fail me

can't hold these tears

remembering every detail

do you ever miss me...wait don't tell me

she may never know how much

she may never miss my touch

she may never at all

as I look back at the world

vision cloudy can't focus

I fall so far so far

how did I lose this girl?

I bet her soul doesn't notice

my soul is scarred

Saturday, January 1, 2011

U Inspire/ Candle

U Inspire

Rarely speak of faith

Sacrifice has never been within reach

living within the devils playground

lord I miss her face

her scent could calm the 7 seas

when we lay down

its hard for me to sleep

Rarely speak of destiny

I don’t believe in much I can’t see

yet I believe if you were here with me

Gladly write your testimony

Glady would make you a part of me

Gladly joined in spiritual Matrimony

Faith restored

U r adored



No radio


No lights

No phone

No friends

No words

No newscast

No newspaper

No ghetto

No MP3

No fights

SO alone

No end

Whispers heard

At long last

Sooner than later

A candle is all we need

No food

No water

Perhaps a bath

Set a mood

No slow jam

Just all that I am

All that u are

All we can handle

All we need is a candle